Investing responsibly can drive sustainable business development, increasing financial returns while generating a common benefit.

Entangled Capital SGR provides financial resources and enhances the management processes of companies by integrating ESG parameters. Driving sustainable business development enables us to enact a responsible investment approach at 360°, generating a strategic advantage and maximizing value for the investors.

To demonstrate its authentic commitment, since 2020, Entangled Capital SGR has become a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investments (PRI), an initiative launched by the United Nations that focuses on encouraging the spread of sustainable and responsible investments worldwide.

As of 2021, we are also members of the UN Global Network for Italy.

We aim to continue acquiring knowledge, implementing education, and raising awareness about ESG issues, making them an integral part of the Fund’s investment strategy and of the activities that characterize the SGR.

ESG factors in action

Our ESG vision strongly focuses on implementing processes, tools, and activities to guide and drive the sustainable development of our portfolio companies at every stage of investment.


Reducing climate risk to preserve our planet

Our primary goal is to preserve natural resources, mitigate pollution, and minimize climate risk. In the initial phase, we conduct various assessments with the aim of achieving our investment targets, attentively analyzing the potential environmental dangers for our companies. We then provide our support by developing an action plan to improve and enhance their environmental performance.

Sustainable Development Goals

Energy is essential in industrial production and is directly correlated with carbon dioxide emissions. To reduce emissions and mitigate the regulatory risks associated with them, it is important to devise new energy management strategies.

Installing photovoltaic systems for each portfolio company is key to ensuring the use of clean and self-produced energy at every stage of the production process.

With entrepreneurs, managers, and employees, we encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle and work style, in line with an environmentally respectful philosophy.

We support activities that aim to reduce CO2 pollution. We do so by controlling the level of emissions and through systems that improve air quality as well as through tree planting initiatives.


Adopting a Culture of Equality, Health and Safety

It is essential to build a conscious business agenda based on diversity, equity, and inclusion principles. At the same time, it is necessary to increase employee motivation and their perceived value of the company. The Entangled Capital SGR team can assess the specific needs of each portfolio company, providing tailored recommendations through specialized consultants to spark an authentic change in the company culture.

Sustainable Development Goals

It is vital to advance a gender equality program in the company. Moreover, industrial facilities may often present various health and safety risks for workers. This makes it crucial to define and develop a genuine Health and Safety Culture, also ensuring compliance with all regulations through ethical conduct.

In our portfolio companies we verify equal gender treatment and remuneration, also focusing on promoting involvement and meritocracy at every corporate level.

We aim for a balanced and shared growth approach by introducing systems that support industrial development and research. Through sustainable and improvement-focused solutions, we aspire to offer a work-life balance that can positively enhance the well-being and productivity of all employees.


Embracing Business Ethics for resource efficiency

We primarily focus on issues such as responsibility and transparency to create a business with an ethical DNA. Entangled Capital SGR generally acquires the majority of shares in its investments, which naturally leads it to establish good governance and provide Management with a range of tools and systems that reinforce the company’s value on multiple levels.

Sustainable Development Goals

Industrial players are exposed to supply chain risks, especially when it comes to raw materials. Global demand may even result in price increases. Moreover, natural resources are fundamental and must be safeguarded through the implementation of efficient resource management initiatives and circular economy-based partnerships.

We support each portfolio company in expanding its production capacity through advanced technological systems, highly efficient machinery, new and cutting-edge production plants, and better resource utilization control.

We believe every company deserves to be empowered through the sharing of proper management practices and styles based on organized management systems and on the identification of sustainable growth objectives.


+1,5 Mw

of renewable resources installed

+20M euros

invested in Green Premium

900 tons

of CO2 reduced annually

~ 100 tons

of CO₂ absorbed annually through tree planting

Our ESG commitment checklist

Our commitment to a responsible investment strategy incorporates international best practices and the full transparency of all our portfolio companies… and ours.



  • Inclusive governance focused on gender and experiential diversity
  • ESG goal sharing with the portfolio companies
  • Periodic identification of specific aspects to be integrated in the daily activities (paper consumption reduction, plastic-free policy, waste reduction and management)
  • Annual report for LPs including the results achieved by portfolio companies and SGR Management
  • Alignment with SFDR parameters

The fund

  • Corporate sustainability of the target companies
  • ESG due diligence performed by external consultants
  • Identification of KPIs based on the due diligence results and implementation of an action plan
  • New definition of Corporate Governance
    Periodic check on the progress of the portfolio companies
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Entangled Capital ESG Policy
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Dichiarazione 4 Regolamento (UE) 2019/2088
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