€100MLN FUND FOCUS ON SMALL AND MEDIUM ITALIAN ENTERPRISES: Acquisition of majority stakes in Italian SMEs with turnover between €10mln and €50mln, and with Ebitda margin greater than 10%. Target portfolio made by on average 8 companies to get a significant risk diversification. FOCUS ON LEADERS IN MANIFACTURER SECTORS: In companies active in industrial, productive and technological industries, in sectors such as mechanic, automation, chemistry, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and agribusiness. Preference for companies suitable for add-ons in order to integrate the supply chain downstream, open new markets or expand the range of offered products VALUE CREATION: Combining the Management Team capability with the different experiences achieved by the Operating Partners. Contribute to the Italian economy providing new capital to companies to increase their average size, providing useful tools for generational change and value creation


FULL ALLIGNMENT: Alignment between investors, entrepreneurs/managers of the portfolio companies and the management team thanks to a full involvement in the investment process. The Team manages the SGR with the support of some entrepreneurs involved as Operating Partners.
INNOVATIVE APPROACH: Active management of portfolio companies to create value thanks to the personal experience of all stakeholders involved, thus sharing the skills of the management team, Operating Partners and investors, in order to evaluate every single investment opportunity in the best way .
PROPRIETARY PIPELINE: Establishment of a proprietary network to identify investment opportunities even before they reach the market thanks to the involvement of entrepreneurs and managers, to obtain exclusives in advance and advantageous entry multiples.