Alignment of interests of all the stakeholders involved while the asset management company maintains its own decision-making autonomy. Investors involvement through operational advisory boards during the investment process, to maximize the alignment of interests between the asset management company and the Fund investors, especially to encourage an exchange of information and experience. Involvement of Operating Partners to allow a broader and more in-depth sectoral analysis by the Private Equity team during the evaluation of new investments.


Active management of portfolio companies with support to the management team. Involvement of the minority shareholders in the business plan budgeting providing experiences and operating methods in the analysis and transformation of the companies both from a production and managerial point of view. Inclusion of ESG factors in the due diligence activities, for a positive impact in terms of social responsibility, as well as on company performance.


The combination of the management team with the network of entrepreneurs and managers (Operating Partners) involved in the asset management company, will make possible to encounter a network of potential targets that have not yet been intercepted by specialized advisors, in order to focus mainly on primary deals.